Hello. It is with heavy hearts that Rafter has closed its doors.


Over the last ten years, the Rafter team has had the privilege to serve millions of students, and hundreds of colleges and universities. Along the way, we have been lucky to meet and serve extraordinary educators who demonstrated bravery, leadership, and courage to address – in bold, creative ways – some of the most profound issues facing Higher Education today – college affordability, increased access for low-income and first-generation students, and improved college outcomes.


For our small part, we sought ways to make books and other course materials – which are essential to the learning experience, and the ability to earn a college degree – more affordable and accessible for every student. We worked hard. We dreamed big. And, we are eternally grateful for the privilege we were given to learn from and serve this market.


In the end, we did not have the time or resources needed to complete what we started. We wish it were otherwise. But, with the unparalleled support of our partner schools, we together created something impactful with a shared vision that we hope continues.


Together we demonstrated – from campus to campus – that when every student is prepared with required learning resources on day one then students do better, retention rates improve, and graduation rates rise. Did books alone accomplish all that? No, not at all. But, as our partners affirmed, being prepared on day one has a real, measurable impact.


And so, as Rafter’s journey ends, our sincere hope is that schools continue the journey to change the textbook market and higher education for the better. To those future dreamers, we wish you every success.


The Rafter Team